International Dog Sports (IDS) – Cool Pool Dog Party

Aug 25 - 27 2023
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Event Info
Entry fees are due when you arrive
Must arrive at least 30 minutes before your registered round
Your dog will need an IDS number. Click here to obtain your number
Qualifier for IDS Championship
Round = Splash/Wave
Horizon = Distance
Eclipse = Fetch It
Velocity = Timed Swim
Pre-Registration: $22; Day of: $25
Horizon Round 1: 10:00am
Horizon Round 2: 12:00pm
Horizon Round 3: 2:00pm
Eclipse 1: 4:00
Horizon Round 4: 10:00am
Horizon Round 5: 12:00pm
Horizon Round 6: 2:00pm
Horizon Round 7: 4:00pm
Eclipse 2: 6:00pm
Horizon Round 8: 10:00am
Horizon Round 9: 12:00pm
Velocity: 2:00pm
Top 3 dogs at the end of the weekend (bubble) in Horizon, Eclipse and Velocity will earn an invitation to the IDS Championship in September!
Bubble is based on your dog’s biggest jump of the weekend. You must be in a minimum of two Rounds to be included on the bubble. Eclipse and Velocity are all in one. They will have placements for 1-3 at the completion of the discipline.
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