Wolf Koch presents The History of Pizza

Jan 08 2023
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
The History of America’s Favorite Food: Pizza.
Some time ago Wolf Koch found a reprint of the 75 year old book “Six Thousand Years of Bread, Its Holy and Unholy History”. This purchase lead to additional books on bread making in relation to pizza, the purchase of a high-temperature, outside pizza oven, as well as additional reading on the history of pizza making. While most historical accounts claim that pizza originated as a food for the very poor in Naples around the late eighteenth century, what we now call “fast food” made in mobile ovens was already known in Roman times. In Dr. Koch’s presentation, he will explore the history of making pizza. He is a consultant to the oil and petrochemical industry and has been a professor of chemical engineering. Join the Sterling Rock Falls Historical Society for this free program.
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