Learn About This Year's Sculptures

Take a Virtual Sculpture Stroll: the RB&W district

Hear it from the Sculptors

While at the park, be sure to download the otocast app to hear about the sculptures directly from the creators

Gail Katz-James
Minneapolis, MN

Title of sculpture: Fanflare

Nicole Beck
Chicago, IL

Title of sculpture: Fistacuffs

James Haire
Ft. Collins. Colorado

title of sculpture: How Many Kisses

David Zahn
Moline, Illinois

Title of sculpture: Seeing Everything

Michael Young
Chicago, Illinois

title of sculpture: Inner Light

Gregory Mendez
Decatur, Indiana

Title of sculpture: Kometes

Tim Adams
Webster City, IA

Title of Sculpture: The Other Extreme

Tim Adams
Webster City, IA

title of sculpture: Glow From Within

Charles Yost
Chicago, Illinois

Title of Sculpture: Apparition Schmoosh

Gregory Mendez
Decatur, Indiana

title of sculpture: Nemesis

Phillip Mattox
Sterling, Illinois

Title of Sculpture: Demise

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