Learn About This Year's Sculptures

Take a Virtual Sculpture Stroll

the RB&W district

Hear it from the Sculptors

While at the park, be sure to download the otocast app to hear about the sculptures directly from the creators

Pamela Reithmeier
Monclova, OH

Title of sculpture: I Spy

Alex Mendez
Decatur, Indiana

Title of sculpture: Dendron

James Haire
Ft. Collins. Colorado

title of sculpture: Book For Everyone

David Zahn
Moline, Illinois

Title of sculpture: Vortex

Michael Young
Chicago, Illinois

title of sculpture: Inner Light

Gregory Mendez
Decatur, Indiana

Title of sculpture: Resplendent Fervor

Ron Meador
Chadwick, IL

Title of Sculpture: Acoustic Dream Catcher

Crystal Blue
Sterling, Illinois

title of sculpture: Metempsychosis

Charles Yost
Chicago, Illinois

Title of Sculpture: Apparition Schmoosh

Gregory Mendez
Decatur, Indiana

title of sculpture: Nemesis

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