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Rock Falls Birding Trail

On Saturday, February 10th, 2024, the public is invited to Flock to the Rock. More details coming, but as of right now we have Northern IL Raptor Rehab & Education coming who will bring a few birds of prey and do a live demonstration/talk. Also have Robert Storm - ice sculptor - who will do live ice carvings! Visit the lower dam in Rock Falls and get an up close view of the majestic Eagles as they fly around the Rock River and Lawrence Park. Location to be determined. We are happy to have Bagels by Toast & Plate for your breakfast needs. They will have an assortment of bagels for you to purchase.

see our Beautiful & Majestic bald eagles and more

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have an eagle land in a tree 10 feet from you? Look up to the sky and see 5-10 eagles circling, getting ready to pluck fish from the river? Observed as an eagle descended from above, with amazing grace and poise, landing on a large branch feet from where you are parked, and watched the branch bow? It is truly awe inspiring. Eagle watching is to be experienced first-hand. A picture online or on TV just doesn’t do our National Bird justice. For many years, Rock Falls has had an unusually high number of eagles.

The Rock Falls Birding Trail starts at the Upper Dam, follows along Second Street and loops around Lawrence Park. In Rock Falls, along the Rock River, we are fortunate that during the winter months, bald eagles have chosen to congregate here in the trees along our riverfront to hunt for fish. Eagles can be seen in trees next to the open water beneath the dams. They also populate the trees that surround the point of Lawrence Park Island and downstream past the high school.

bridge over rock river

Lower Dam Park

Look across the river on the island.


Lawrence Park

An island view that overlooks the Rock River.

walking bridge over rock river

Sinnissippi Dam Walkway

Look toward Seward Park or above you, as they may be circling.

Rock Falls IL birding trail

Eagle Watching Tips & Pointers

Remain in your vehicle

as eagles are protected by the Balk Eagle and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. We do not want them to leave their nests and prevent their young from feeding.

Use binoculars

or a spotting scope instead of trying get "a little bit closer." The eagles are very sensitive to human activity.

Avoid loud noises

such as yelling, slamming a car door or honking the horn. Remaining still helps the eagles maintain body heat.

Don't do anything to try to make the eagles fly

as they could become stressed and abandon their site, as well as waste valuable energy.

bald eagle
bald eagle

Get the kids involved.  Check out an educational coloring book for kids.  It’s filled with birds you’ll find right in your backyard! 

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